Healing through herbs, Nangelil group holds 200 years of experience and expertise in the field of Ayurveda and Marma Chikitsa! We have been using the Power of Ayurveda to help people heal from inside out and be healthy naturally! It began with Sir Raman Vaidyar who was a scholar in Ayurveda and was famous for his unmatchable expertise in Ayurvedic treatments. He later passed on his legacy of ‘The Secrets & Magic of Ayurveda ’ to his following generation, who passed it on to their next generation and the cycle continues till date. The Ayurveda treatments carried out by highly trained therapists at our Nangelill Ayurveda Centre, treat the root cause of the ailment and offer guaranteed relief to the receiver of the Ayurveda therapy.

Ayurvedic hold immense power in its grip, which we are unfolding through our effective Ayurvedic therapies. We seek the blessings of Mother Nature for each herb that we take from her healing oasis. Forest herbs are very powerful and are a natural remedy to various body ailments. Nangelill group Ayurvedic treatment is different because it has been designed by real life experts who have acquired real Ayurveda knowledge directly from Mother Nature and by experimenting and researching into the depths of Ayurveda. Our Hygienic staying arrangements and Natural serene surroundings not only revitalizes the body, but also gives a sense of calmness and refreshment to the mind.


Why not Ayurveda? Its natural, Its effective and most importantly its without any side-effects! Ayurveda comes with lot of benefits which mortals can use to get into the realm of immortal health! Nature has solution for every human problem, which she presents to us in the form of Ayurveda. What we have to do is to just embrace her purity and simplicity. Ayurveda has proved that Humans can live healthily and happily without having to kill themselves everyday inch by inch by injecting chemicals into their system.


Our mission is to unveil the hidden secrets of Nature and to heal people naturally using the power of Ayurveda. We want to help people to become healthy naturally and rid them off from the after effects of unhealthy lifestyle and bring back their life on track using the benefits of Ayurveda.

OUR Vision

To create a Natural Health System, which will help the older generation to revive their life, and will help the coming generation to know the value of Ayurveda and its unparalleled benefits to Human health? Through the essence of Ayurveda we want to heal the world and make it a better place to live in.

Ayurveda for your everyday life

AYURVEDA is life science. It works on the mind and body and keeps these two entities in harmony that in turn helps in leading a harmonised life. Ayurveda brings with it more power, more enthusiasm & energy, a sense of calmness and peacefulness into life that gives the mind and body the power to deal with different challenges of everyday life. In the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle that we follow today, Ayurveda is that elixir which brings liveliness and health to brighten up our lifeless life. By embracing Ayurveda into your everyday life, you will enjoy great benefits of nature and will experience a state of ecstasy, which otherwise is a mirage in today’s life.