Phizchil is an age old Ayurvedic treatment, an art that works on the entire body relieving it from
pain and discomfort and reviving its beauty and health. It has many health benefits that makes it one
of the most sought after treatment among Ayurveda lovers. The core ingredient used in this therapy is
medicated oil, warmed at a particular temperature. The entire body is messaged by the therapist using
the warm medicated oil. Unlike the usual massages, in Pizhichil the different parts of body are
massaged with hands in a specific manner. The highly trained therapist knows what level of pressure
should be applied at what parts. It is the best way of getting relief naturally from rheumatic
diseases, neurological disorders, depression, and the various joint problems, weakness of the nervous system, paralysis, blood pressure issues and many other bodily ailments. It not only just works for the inside of the body, it rejuvenates the skin making it younger and glowing.


Njavarakzhi (Njavara – a type of rice & Kizhi - boluses) is a natural stress relieving Ayurvedic therapy that strengthens the body enhances the skin tone and releases the strain & stress collocated at different parts of the body. In Njavarakizhi warm medicated oil is generously applied all over the body and you are made to lie down for a while. In the meanwhile Njavara rice is cooked in milk and some powerful herbal extracts is mixed in it. The pudding thus made is wrapped in a muslin cloth. The therapist then dips this muslin cloth bolus in a mixture of herbal decoction and warm milk and massages the entire body, resting the body in seven different postures. Once the Kizhi massage is complete, coconut leaves are used to clean up the rice paste over the body. And after this the whole body is again massaged with warm medicated oil. Njavarakizhi offers great health benefits, it tonnes
up the body and rejuvenates every cell in it. It enhances body’s flexibility and sharpens the senses. It
offers strength and nourishment to the nervous system. It’s a highly effective formula for overall
nourishment and strengthening of the body.


An Ayurvedic process with proved effects, Shirodhara is a relief providing natural therapy for many
ailments. Since ancient times people has been using this to naturally treat eye diseases,neurological disorders, hearing impairment, memory loss, greying of hair, sinusitis and many such conditions. This therapy profoundly affects the overall system of the body and has been found extremely effective in its working. Without any side effects this ancient Ayurvedic process cleanses the mind, strengths the nervous system, controls the overflow of emotions and balances the Vata.
In this Natural Healing therapy the core ingredient is medicated oil which is poured from a particular height on your forehead for a specific period of time. Shirodhara has different manifestations –
Ksheeradhara, Jala Dhara, Thakradhara and Taila Dhara.The type of Shirodhara is chose depending on your condition. The oil used in the Shirodhara therapy is prepared of natural extracts from powerful Ayurvedic herbs.


A vital component of the Panchakarma Treatment, Vasthi is a purification process that cleanses the
internal system of harmful toxins. In Vasthi using the Vasathiyantra herbal medicinal preparation
made of medicated milk, medicinal oils or ghee is administered into the system through rectum.
Vasthi has three different types namely Uttaravasti, Kashayavasti and Snehavasti. It is a form of
medicated enema wherein the medicinal liquid is supplied to the bowel directly helping it to cleanse it
and detoxify. Having toxins in your intestinal system is one of the main reasons that leads to various
body ailments and discomforts. Expelling the toxins from the intestinal tract leads to removal of
vitiated doshas from the body and provides relief from Vata disorders . One should never perform
Vasthi without an Ayurvedic expert’s guidance. Vasthi is highly effective in treating kidney stones,
constipation, heart pain, sexual disorders, rheumatism, headaches, sciatica, backpain, joint pain,arthritis etc.


It is a unique type of Ayurveda Powder massage that stimulates active blood flow in the entire body
and aids in its rejuvenation. Udvarthanam therapy is highly recommended for those who are looking
for natural ways to weightloss and fat removal. It is an ideal treatment to provide relief from Kapha
disorders. In this purely Ayurvedic therapy the body is treated with different types of powerful herbs
produced in the nature’s womb. A powdered of various herbs is applied all over the body after which
the trained therapist using a particular pattern gently massages the entire body. It breaks the cellulite
accumulation in different parts of the body and removes the extra fat that leads to weight gain. The
herbs used in this ayurvedic therapy sprinkle their magic on skin as well, making it look younger,
beautiful and shiny.Udvarthanam is usually used to treat indigestion, sciatia, diabetic
neuropathy etc. And is also a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. Overall Udvarthanam
promotes healthy skin and healthy body.


This ancient Ayurvedic process is a purely herbal oil treatment where the head is subjected to
lukewarm oil formulated using a variety of herbs depending on the ailment of the patient. It is a
powerful treatment that treats nervous system disorders and cleanses the mind. It starts from the brain and from there moves on to the spinal chord, eventually providing medicinal effects to the
peripheral and sympathetic nerves. It is also an effective treatment, a natural relief from facial
paralysis and different vatha disorders. People suffering from severe headaches and dryness of
mouth and nostrils can be greatly benefitted from this. In the process of Sirovasthi herbal medicated
lukewarm oil is slowly (at a particular speed) is poured on the head region. A special cap is used to
hold the oil on head and prevent it from flowing off. The duration till which the oil should be retained on the head is determined by the Ayurvedic expert taking into account the type of ailment
the patient has.


Abhayangam is a pre-massage process done before starting the Panchkarma. It nourishes the body
with profound benefits and relieves the body from Kapha dosha and Vata dosha. An oil massage is
performed by applying gentle pressure on different vital ‘marma’ of the body relieving the stiffness
from the muscles and stress from the joints. Like in every other Ayurvedic Therapy, in this one also oil
prepared of medicinal herbs is used. The Taila Abhayangam process strengthens the immunity
system and act as an excellent natural anti-aging process. The other benefits of Abhayangam
include enhanced vital body fluids circulation, improved eye sight, rejuvenation of body and an astounding increase in the energy levels. It also triggers the white blood corpuscles production that acts as a shield against various diseases and harmful viruses.